DR-GMA-2.5 Series

DR-GMA-2.5 Series




Max. Gastric Tube Size (FG) Patient Weight Max. ETT Size
Without Side Opening DR-GMA-2 2.5 F12 25-35 KGS /
With Side Opening DR-GMA-2.5A 2.5 F12 25-35 KGS ID6.5
DR gel-like glottis mask airway is the FIRST one that adopts bowl shape design and non-inflatable cuff. The cuff is specifically designed to match the anatomy of laryngeal aperture.  

 Both Adult and Pediatric model
◎  C - Shape Gastric Tube Channel
◎  Airway Side Open Locker 
◎  Tongue Base Rest
◎  Epiglottis Holder 
◎  Sealed Loop
  Airway Seal Pressure: 30 cmH2O
 With Esophageal passage
 Allows for tracheal incubation and FOB Inspection

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