Adult Video Laryngoscope


◎ DR Adult Video laryngoscope can be widly used for patients ranging from those with 40 kgs to 120 kgs. 
◎ It also allolws various choice for blade size, 83*11 mm, 83*14mm, 106*15mm, 106*19 mm, 114*16mm and 114*20 mm
 Rechargeable battery with no need for change. Battery can last for 4 hours in one time.
◎ Anti-fog video system. Device can work immediately once power on. No need to wait.
◎ Product can be wiped and rinsed for disinfection. 
◎ Package: 1 set per carton ( carton size: L 21.5*W 14.5*H 7.5 cm)  

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