Disposable VL Blade

Disposable VL Blade (Normal Type)

Package Size
Suitable Video Laryngoscope Type Disposable VL Blade Model Disposable VL Blade Size Package Suitable Patient Weight
Adult DR-L 114 MM /
16 MM
50 PCS/BOX; 200PCS/CTN 50-120 KGS
Adult DR-M 106 MM / 
15 MM
50 PCS/BOX; 200PCS/CTN 40-100 KGS
Pediatric DR-S 83 MM/
14 MM
50 PCS/BOX; 200PCS/CTN 4-50 KGS
Pediatric DR-N 79 MM /
9 MM
50 PCS/BOX; 200PCS/CTN 1.5-5 KGS

 Compared with angled blade, curved design allows doctors better put lens in vallecula epiglottica, makes tracheal incubation more easily, accurately and fast.
 Unique and patented hollowed design allows air penetrating, so to avoid blade stuck in tongue and make it move smoothly.

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